For The Love Of It


Singapore, Malaysia


A stalwart in the FMCG industry, PepsiCo partnered with WE! to connect their various brands to each brand’s unique target segments. The Mountain Dew audience are independent, fun-seeking digital native. WE! reached out to them with social content that stayed true to the brand’s edgy and bold spirit. Several successful tactical campaigns were also conceptualised and executed to entertain and delight.

Quaker wanted to help their wellness engaged consumers overcome the barriers to good nutrition. WE! launched a strategy to connect these consumers through easily consumable content using striking imagery and informative animated videos. The driving force behind the social strategy was the thematic content that focused on health-related topics to enable good nutrition choices and establish the brand as a partner in helping their consumers to live better.

Fuelled by its passion in hydration, Gatorade needed a strategy to appeal to the sport enthusiast consumers. WE! helped the brand to accomplish this by creating dynamic visual content that motivates these consumers to perform at their peak.

WE! saw an opportunity to reboot Tropicana social page with a fresh content direction to embrace the younger audience through lifestyle imagery and thematic wellness content.