Singapore Based WE! Interactive Offers Free Marketing Consulting to Help Companies Survive the Pandemic

Singapore Based WE! Interactive Offers Free Marketing Consulting to Help Companies Survive the Pandemic

WE! has traditionally worked with mega clients such as PepsiCo, ESET, iQiyi and others for their digital marketing needs – now offering free consulting as a way to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asia and beyondPRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: MAY 29, 2021 13:15 EDT

“The pandemic has been brutal to small businesses. We want to do our part in helping these companies ride out the pandemic. Some have had to reduce their marketing budget, while others have had to let go of their marketing teams. Others, who never had a significant marketing presence, now struggle with the know-how and capital needed to market their businesses,” says Matthew Lim, who founded WE! Interactive in 2009, “helping these businesses with marketing related expertise, talent, resources and ideas is our way of contributing to the ecosystem during this pandemic.”

WE! Is a digital marketing agency delivering bespoke solutions to address an organisation’s marketing painpoints. WE! brings years of data driven insight to social media marketing, SEO, social ads and other marketing avenues. 

“Prior to implementing a marketing plan, companies need the plan itself. We are happy to help these companies strategize their plans at no cost. They can consult us and get our thoughts and ideas at no cost – right from how to identify their target audience to what channels and messaging to use to be visible to that audience,” adds Matthew.

Matthew has experienced first hand the devastation the pandemic has caused to businesses. Since the pandemic struck, he has seen clients downsize their teams, lose customers and shutter their businesses. 

He draws his motivation from wanting to help other entrepreneurs in any which way he can. 

Marketing is my area of expertise. Of all the ways I can positively impact the ecosystem around me, I found giving people access to my experience, network and knowledge resources are probably the most impactful. Singapore has gone into a fresh month long lockdown till the middle of June. Most of India is in lockdown and commerce is suffering in several other countries“, says Matthew, “at this time of crisis, if I could help entrepreneurs find a way to market and acquire customers for their businesses, I would feel I’ve made a positive contribution.”

Matthew Lim is a self made, bootstrapped entrepreneur who created WE! Interactive in 2009. Since then, WE! have developed a sizeable footprint across SE Asia and have advised clients such as PepsiCo, ESET, iQiyi and several other enterprise, mid market and SMB clients.